Impact items. Paddles, floggers, dragon tongues and tails.
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Hands-free way to carry your flogger, dragon tongue, or dragon tail, and still have it in your hand at a moments notice.
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Floofy Finger Flogger
Our Standard floofy flogger but with finger loops. 136 loops making a very thudding flogger feel.
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Floofy Flogger
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Floofy Flogger
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Floofy Flogger
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Nora's favorite, this flogger is thuddy as all get out, with an occasional touch of sting. Maybe. 10 falls, two inches in width carry 170 loops of leather. The sound alone draws attention of those playing near you in the dungeon. A truly amazing piece of art.
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Ever think you would see a fluffy flogger?
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